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But it turns out clean eating can be taken to unhealthy extremes. Its common advice shop on the perimeter of the grocery store to ramp up those fresh fruits and veggies. Eat organic. Stay away from processed foods. Not bad advice at all, but what about when it goes too far. “To something that becomes really obsessive to the extent then people are unable to go to restaurants to eat, they’re unable to eat at family members houses, they can’t be a part of social events and consume food and then they start eating significantly less,” said Dr. Anne Lewis with the IU Health Charis Center for Eating Disorders. It’s called Orthexia or restrictive eating. In a new blog Dr. Lewis says she sees patients who have restricted so many foods they start to lose a significant amount of weight. Although that’s not their goal like with people who suffer from anorexia.

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Some.eople develop clinical depression, which can respond well to treatment. Follow the recommendations of your treatment team. You may often pretend to other people that you are eating far more than you actually are. With treatment, support, and these self-help strategies, you can overcome your eating disorder and gain true self-confidence. Do you believe your fat when others think you are thin? When a woman has “active anorexia,” meaning she currently has anorexia, she does not get her period and usually does not ovulate . You may also need to be hospitalized until you reach a less critical weight. Some of these things may play a part: Culture. Often there are disturbed family relationships. Different causes possibly work together to bring on the condition.

This.nvolves starving the body or taking measures to keep weight as low as possible. Some women with anorexia may be unable to have a baby infertile . Many people with anorexia also have dry, rough skin. It’s also an illness, and just like any other illness, a person suffering needs and deserves support to help overcome it. What Is The Long-Term Outlook? The exact cause is not fully understood. Anorexia is most commonly diagnosed in adolescent women, but it’s been diagnosed in older and younger women and in men. There are a number of self-help books and guides available. Women who have recovered from anorexia and are at a healthy weight have a better chance of getting pregnant. But you can learn healthier ways to cope with negative emotions.

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